Moving Tips

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Moving Tips

Every move is different, whether it’s a small office move, a home move from Michigan to out of state, or a move in or out of a college dorm at U of M. We’re happy to offer advice gleaned from our years in the moving business to help you prepare for and manage yours. Here are a few keys to a good move:

Help us help you

Be clear about the extent of your move. Four pieces of furniture in the basement does not mean four pieces of furniture and 300 boxes. You can reap the benefit of our experience, but only if we know what we’re dealing with.

Be wary of online estimates

The art of the estimate involves looking at the contents of your home, office or apartment and translating those things into pounds of freight on a truck. We haven’t met the computer program yet that can do this better than a knowledgeable human.

Don’t forget:

  • Gather your valuables from the safe deposit box.
  • Leave some cleaning supplies out to give your home a final once-over.
  • Write down your new address and keep it handy to give to friends.
  • Gather your medical and dental records and your children’s school records.
  • Take the garage door opener out of your car & leave it for the new owner of your garage.
  • Pick up the dry cleaning
  • Remove bedding and break down beds.
  • Pack your lamps. Remember, it’s a base, a bulb and a shade – not a last-minute item.
  • Make sure you have parking space for a 53-foot truck.

When in doubt, ask a pro.

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