Why Choose Us?

Not all moving companies are created equal. In order to handle high volume, some movers develop a cookie-cutter model and expect their customers to adapt. Men on the Move doesn’t do cookie-cutter moves (unless, that is, you want us to move your cookie cutters).

Accurate estimates

Some movers will bid low to get your business, then blow your budget with extra charges. We’re not like that. At Men on the Move, we take pride in giving you an accurate bid with no surprises. We’d rather lose your business by being honest with you than gain it by being dishonest.

Partial shipments

Need to move something across the country in no particular hurry? We can combine less time-sensitive partial shipments on one truck and transport it for a fraction of the cost.

Experienced and efficient

We know our way around tight corners and narrow stairways. Years of experience allow our team of movers to pack, load and unload your belongings very efficiently and with less chance of damage.

Personal service

The people who pack and load the truck on one end of the move are very likely the same ones who’ll unload it at the other end. We don’t subcontract shipping, so your belongings pass through fewer sets of hands.

You deserve better. At Men on the Move we create a custom plan to fit your move.