Our Services

Men on the Move is like the salad bar of moving services – we can do it all. You’re welcome to browse through and take only what you need. We can move your family to a new home in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas, help you with a move from Michigan to another state, move your University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan college student in or out of the dorms, or move your large furniture to the garage to make way for new carpeting.

Large moves, small moves, long-haul or short – every customer gets our personal attention.

Our specialties include:

Coast to coast moving

Our guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates include next-day moving service from Michigan to the East Coast, Florida and most locations East of the Rocky Mountains, with two-day service to Texas and locations west of the Rockies.

College moves

Every year we help college students and their families make the annual migration to and from the dorms or college apartments. Located near Eastern Michigan University and the University of Michigan, we’re full-service college movers. We can even help you connect with other families in your region to share a truck and split the cost.

Single Items

Sometimes you just need a hand moving something heavy or awkward without dinging the trim or throwing out your back. We can help move your furniture to storage and back while you are installing new carpet, or move your home office to another floor, or move your large TV from your living room to your new finished basement. Our expertise and equipment make small, single-item moves quick, safe and easy.


Need someone to move a piano? We handle everything from freebie pianos and small spinets to $160,000 concert grand pianos. So when it comes to getting that big, heavy, fragile, delicate musical instrument up and down flights of stairs, we’ve got it covered.

Custom Solutions

We don’t try to force your move into anyone else’s mold. We draw on our common sense, strength and experience to come up with a unique, comprehensive plan for every move.


Typical moving company storage involves warehouses, storage pallets and lots of people handling your things. Our climate-controlled storage units allow us to offer flexible, managed storage that’s more accessible and a lot more personal.

What we don’t do

  • Transport jewelry, money or valuable papers
  • Disconnect or re-connect appliances, water lines or gas lines
  • Transport hazardous materials like propane tanks or open cans of paint